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I run a service company out of Dalton, Georgia. My air-conditioning company we have exclusively began to use the Super Seal Total product, which we’ve seen success after success with. It’s been very very good. On a couple of instances we’ve seen some problems with air conditioning units year-after-year when our guys have to go back to put in Freon, weld leaks and things like that. Systems that the customers just haven’t been ready to replace, so we just keep patching them and getting them going down the road. So recently, this past year we started putting in the Cliplight Total 2 products we’ve been working on about five to ten a week and got to where we don’t have to go back on those calls anymore. The customers are so much more happy with their purchase and with their decision. We’ve seen it fix holes that you can literally see the coolant spraying out of in just a few minutes. We haven’t had any problems with the sealant gumming up the systems or anything like that. It’s been a great product and we’d recommend it to anybody.